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Buy and Pawn Firearms - We do FFL or private firearm transfers for $20.

  • Osuna Pawn is a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer.
  • All firearms for sale are checked through APD and Leads On line.
  • All firearms for sale are warranted.
  • We will transfer any firearm from out of state for $20.00.
  • We can order brand new firearms for dealer cost plus a small fee. This will¬†¬†cost you much less than retail.
  • All firearms are run through NICS, a national firearms database.
  • Osuna Pawn deals in both new and pre-owned quality firearms.
  • Guns purchased in our store need a NICS instant check, at no cost to you.
  • Only New Mexico residents can purchase handguns.
  • Guns can be shipped to us from any state that allows their export.
  • We offer transfer services for guns purchased in other states and sent to our store.

Pawn your guns with us. We have secure facilities to safeguard your weapons. Long Guns, Hand Guns and Black Powder.



We carry pre-owned hunting and sporting rifles and shotguns. Assault style rifles are popular. We usually carry Colt, Browning, Remington, Winchester, Savage and more. The prices are very good and the guns are generally in super condition. All of our weapons are fully warrantied. We are a member of and sell at the NMGCA and sell at their shows.



Hand Guns


We try to carry a good selection of slightly used pistols and revolvers. Remember, we can order almost any gun new. For only $20, we will transfer in any firearm purchased online.




Osuna Pawn is a member of the New Mexico Gun Collectors Association